My first book, Plants Honey Bees Use in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, will be published in 2018. I wrote Plants Honey Bees Use because I discovered a void in the beekeeping literature when I first started beekeeping. I was interested in learning what plants honey bees used in Kentucky and that I could plant to create more bee forage. There was very little information available, most of it was on the Internet, and most of it was written at a national scale.

I wanted something more specific because how much honey bees use a given type of plant can vary widely within a state, much less at a larger, national scale. I also found out that many of my beekeeping and non-beekeeping friends were looking for a similar book, but also weren’t finding it. Since none of us could find the type of book we were looking for, I decided to write the book.

Plants Honey Bees Use in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys contains full color pictures and descriptions of over 175 plants organized by when they bloom. The book focuses on the states that contain the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys (AL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MS, NC, OH, PA, TN, VA, and WV); however, people living in most of the eastern U.S. will also find it useful. A “Range of Usefulness” map can be viewed here. Also included are chapters about honey bees and their plight, honey bee foraging behavior, factors that influence nectar and pollen production throughout a plant’s range, and planting for honey bees. The full table of contents can be viewed here.

Plants Honey Bees Use in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys is written for beekeepers who want to know what flowers their bees might be visiting and for homeowners or others who may not be beekeepers but want to know what they can plant to help honey bees. The book is 302 pages long and retails for $29.99.

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I am also available to speak to your group or organization about honey bees and the plants they use.

Sample interior pages from my book