Honey Bees and Beekeeping

Honey bees bringing in pollen to one of my hives.

I love helping others learn about honey bees, beekeeping, and other pollinators. I would not be where I am in my beekeeping career without the help and support of more experienced beekeepers. I try to pay forward the help that I received from them by helping newer beekeepers. I sometimes joke that I’m at the perfect stage for helping new beekeepers because I have the experience to teach them, but I still remember all those “stupid questions” that I was afraid to ask when I was starting out.

I also don’t believe that you have to be a beekeeper to want to learn about honey bees, beekeeping, pollinators, and related topics. I know many people who aren’t beekeepers and have no plans of every becoming one, but are still very interested in honey bees. This is especially true when the discussions move to plants that honey bees and other pollinators use and that people can plant in their yards or gardens. That’s why I made sure to include non-beekeepers in the audience for the book I’ve written about plants honey bees use.

I enjoy talking to both beekeepers and non-beekeepers about honey bees and related topics. Some of the beekeeping-related classes I can teach are listed below, but I am also open to discussing other potential topics as well. Please contact me if you would like for me to speak at your next event or organizational meeting.

My nephew and I inspecting one of my top bar hives. I enjoy helping people of all ages learn more about honey bees and beekeeping.

List of topics:

Note: This list is provided to give you an idea of the types of topics I often talk about, but I am open to discussing other topics as well. Please view this list as simply a starting point for conversations about what you want and need from a speaker about honey bees and beekeeping. 

Landscaping for Honey Bees
Learn what factors you need to consider when planting for honey bees. We will also discuss a few plants that might be worth considering for a “typical” yard.

Planting for Honey Bees on Small Acreages
Learn what factors you need to consider when planting for honey bees. We will also discuss a few plants that might be worth considering if you have several acres to devote to planting for honey bees.

Botany for Beekeepers
When it comes to honey bees, not all flowers are created equal. Learn why honey bees use some flowers and not others, why how much a bee uses a plant can vary across the plant’s range, and other basic botany related to honey bees.

Introduction to Top Bar Hives
A beginner’s guide to top bar hives, including a discussion of the pros and cons of top bars compared to Langstroth hives by someone who started out with top bar hives and now runs both types of hives for different purposes. This talk is designed to be very interactive with lots of time for questions and answers.

KSBA Website and Online Resources
Learn about the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association’s website and other online resources from the KSBA webmaster.